Spectral Technologies Inc.

Seafarers Evaluation and Training System
(SETS Pro)

SETS Pro is a robust and user-friendly tool to evaluate seafarer’s knowledge in large number of Maritime topics using multiple choice questions.

It has more than 6,000 multiple choice questions divided in more than 100 Maritime subjects.

All log entries can be printed and saved as external files. Filter criteria further allows user to tailor the contents of the log extracts.

Users can build their own tests and set such criteria as:

  1. Number questions and from which subjects are included in a test.
  2. Allotted max time to take a test.
  3. Passing grades.
  4. Applicable ranks.
  5. Applicable vessel types.

There is a simple and at the same time comprehensive screen to review seafarers results from tests.

Several different result-oriented reports and graphs for statistics.

SETS was produced and is distributed in cooperation with UK based Videotel Marine International Ltd.

Test Form

This screen appears when a test is administrated and the person being examined would choose one of the four options and then using the “next” button to move to next question. The questions are drawn in random from the included subjects so the contents of a test would never become the same as the previous time the same test was run.

Setup Test Form

The form is used to set up tests which is an easy and straight forward task. Tests can further be copied and saved under a new name and thereafter edited.

Question Designer Interface

Results are viewed in this screen and shows a list of all tests taken in SETS and further has a panel for a review of the result of each question in the test, the screen can be filtered along several different criteria. A substantial number if result reports are also available.

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