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Planned Maintenance System

PMS is a robust and easy to use software system to maintain both a Scheduled Maintenance System and a Condition Based Maintenance System on board ships. Features to enter unplanned (Corrective or Breakdown Maintenance) is also available.

A PMS mobile app is available and used to enter Running hours and assign photos taken with a mobile phone or tablet to maintenance records.

PMS also includes a module for maintaining consumption, inventory and ordering of spares. Spare parts requisitions from the ships is electronically transferred to PMS-SM.

PMS-SM (Shore Manager) is the office-based companion of PMS and it will automatically import maintenance records from PMS used on board the ships.

In PMS-SM, the fleet manager will have an overview of each vessel’s maintenance status and can with just one click go to sections where he can monitor individual vessels detailed maintenance status.

Due Work Form

Machines due date are monitored from this screen and entry of work being done is also made here.

Work Done Form

Records of work that was completed is monitored from this screen and can also be edited here.

Running Hours Entry Interface

Running hours are entered in a dedicated screen which also display a history previously entered running hours for machines.

PMS-SM Main Screen

The default screen in PMS-SM shows a list of ships using PMS with statistical information concerning each vessel maintenance status. From this screen all other screens can be reached with one single click. Calculations of ships maintenance KPI’s are available.

Singapore is one of the largest ports in Asia and globally. The city is also home to many large international shipping companies and several of Spectral's clients are based in Singapore